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Le Traditionnel

Traditional, but on no account ordinary.

By the creation of this absinthe, our main goal was to capture the spirit of the times and create a verte absinthe in its most natural and for us most attractive form. We would be lying if we said that we weren´t inspired by particular old recipes, but it was never our goal to create an illusion of and century old drink. Traditional, this name of the beverage refers to the fact that this absinthe will not surprise you with the use of exotic spices and rare botanicals. It will surprise you rather by the thorough process of pot still distillation and the painstakingly selection of the highest quality herbs, and that is the biggest strength of our absinthe. 

Let yourself be carried away by its captivating aroma of wormwood, spicy notes of hyssop and dense taste of Egyptian anise and sweet fennel.


Batch 2022:
In cooperation with Landcraft spirits s.r.o.

In 2021, we came across two distillers from the LANDCRAFT distillery, more precisely Ondra and Petr. They gave us their helping hand, lend us pot still, deep background and let us create first batch of our absinthe in 2022.


Batch 2023:
In cooperation with Garage22, s.r.o.

For current batch of our Le Traditionnel we shared forces with skilful gin distillers from Garage22, they were brave enough to lend us their devices so now we may continue with our another production.


La Pharmacienne


Exotic, provocative, and captivatingly aromatic, this is how La Pharmacienne could be described.

The absinthe world has long lived only in the past, and its lovers are mostly drowning only in ideas about the original absinthes. Our unceasing passion for the search for new flavors and aromas has led us to the edge of madness in our desire for a new, unconventional spirit.

The central inspiration for this new absinthe is Farmacy. Absinthe, which was inspired in its composition by an abundance of medicinal herbs, pharmacy tinctures, liqueurs and beautiful pharmacists, is prepared in cooperation with the Faculty of Pharmacy of Charles University, which provided herbs from its Medicinal Plant Garden for its creation. These herbs, originally intended for the research of content substances, are characterized mainly by their unprecedented quality and give absinthe an extraordinary character.

It is no surprise that we therefore bring you a unique, exotic absinthe with a very captivating aroma reminiscent of honeysuckle, lily flowers and a complex, slightly pungent spicy taste that is layered on several levels.

In its composition, however, you will still find honest Pontarlier wormwood, Egyptian anise, Florentine fennel, but also cubeb pepper and an abundance of other more mysteious herbs and spices.



Represents the best of my skills as a distiller and liquor manufacturer.

The idea of producing this absinthe has existed in the early stages of our development. The first inspiration for creation of this recipe was the tasting of two vintage absinthe samples – former Edouard Pernod and his successor Pernod SA from the 1915 received from collector Wolfgang Klotz. Both samples were for me characteristic by intoxicating scent of matured wine spirit in combination with very thick almond like body. Just this connection of wine spirit and herbs so typical for absinthe has become basis for creation of our L'Exaltée, exalted absinthe with high-quality fruit base spirit, the best Pontarlier wormwood and use of controversial colouration technique. This spirit refers to the wonderful experience with Pernods and reminds of the unusual enjoyment.

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