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How you will enjoy our absinthes is totally up to you. But our recommendation is clear. Pour 2,5—3 cl of absinthe in the glass (absinthe or wine glass are the most suitable) and slowly add at least 6 to 15 cl of ice-cold water. While adding water, you may see the phenomenon called louche, when the originally clear green spirit starts to form deep mist at the bottom of the glass. This mist at the end of preparation process will fulfil the whole beverage and at this point is best to smell the beverage and take a tasting sip. The reason why are absinthes getting cloudy and even why they are sold at this high percentage of alcohol is quite simple. Absinthe contains a high amount of aromatic and taste carrying compounds, mostly essential oils and other terpenes, that are soluble only in concentrated ethanol, as soon as we are diluting absinthe with cold water the whole system starts to be unstable and those compounds are trying to get out of the beverage, and this is making the absinthe cloudy. This is the main reason, why we do not recommend to drink absinthe straight and undiluted.

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