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Brand interested in development and production of distilled absinthes.


Prince d'Absinthe is dream brand, that was born in the mind of Petr Šlechta, a pharmaceutical chemist, who was blown away by the beauty of green fairy and completely lost his mind in the deepness of their foggy waves of this cloudy beverage. He was enchanted by this wonderful spirit, so it quickly became his passion, and the study of original recipes became his unfading hobby. His passion for the spirit became so strong, that he hoped that one day he will get the chance to share it with the rest of the world.

Prince d'Absinthe
About us


In the deep space in a distant galaxy there is a small, lonely planet called A2104. On this planet lives only the young prince and his beloved friend, a wormwood plant. Our prince used to spend his days taking care of his beloved flower and getting rid of disgusting mugwort, whose roots disturb the structure of the whole planet and may potentially destroy it. Unfortunately, the flower was too conceited, so the prince decided to leave the planet and went exploring the universe in order to seek wisdom. As soon as the wormwood found out what had happened, she started crying and she decided to store her tears in a tiny bottle as a proof of her love for the prince. The aroma of her tears was so strong that it slowly spread through the whole universe. As soon as the aroma hit the prince nose, he quickly realized that his beloved flower still loves him and needs him. So, he decided to get rid of his human body and go back to his love.

The story of prince


Traditional, but on no account ordinary

By the creation of this absinthe, our main goal was to capture the spirit of the times and create a verte absinthe in its most natural and for us most attractive form. We would be lying if we said that we weren´t inspired by particular old recipes, but it was never our goal to create an illusion of and century old drink. Traditional, this name of the beverage refers to the fact that this absinthe will not surprise you with the use of exotic spices and rare botanicals. It will surprise you rather by the thorough process of pot still distillation and the painstakingly selection of the highest quality herbs, and that is the biggest strength of our absinthe. 

Let yourself be blown away by the wonderful aroma of Pontarlier wormwood, the spicy tones of hyssop, the thick taste of Egypt's anise and sweet fennel.




Opportunity to fulfil his dream became real just last year (2021), when by destiny management (the molecular one!) he met two skilled distillers from LANDCRAFT distillery, namely Ondra and Petr who weren't afraid to offer him a helping hand to carry out this whole project, they lent him their pot still, deep background and let him create his absinthe. Therefore we own them our very honest THANK YOU for that!




How you will drink Le Traditionnel is totally up to you. But our recommendation is clear. Pour 2,5—3 cl of absinthe in the glass (absinthe or wine glass are the most suitable) and slowly add at least 6 to 15 cl of ice-cold water. While adding water, you may see the phenomenon called louche, when the originally clear green spirit starts to form deep mist at the bottom of the glass. This mist at the end of preparation process will fulfil the whole beverage and at this point is best to smell the beverage and take a tasting sip. The reason why are absinthes getting cloudy and even why they are sold at this high percentage of alcohol is quite simple. Absinthe contains a high amount of aromatic and taste carrying compounds, mostly essential oils and other terpenes, that are soluble only in concentrated ethanol, as soon as we are diluting absinthe with cold water the whole system starts to be unstable and those compounds are trying to get out of the beverage, and this is making the absinthe cloudy. This is the main reason, why we do not recommend to drink absinthe straight and undiluted.

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